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Our number one aim is to create suitably beautiful vestments for the service of God. The second, is keeping it all affordable.

Following a longstanding tradition, we embroider the coat of arms on the vestments we create if you so choose.  These can be of the person who commissions it, be it a private donor, a prelate or institution (such as religious order, church or seminary) who will receive the vestment as a gift.  This can serve a manyfold purpose: to adorn, to honour, but also to distinguish the original owner or donor of the piece. Thus, the addition of the coat of arms serves as a testament for the future generations of the contribution to the patrimony of the Church and can be useful to date and ascertain provenance too. One has to keep in mind that these objects are oftentimes used for hundreds of years, and even after they should become unwearable, end up as museum pieces or treasured sacristy keepsakes behind glass.  

We know that today especially, no priest, bishop or even cardinal earns or holds the amounts of fortune that would have been usual in past centuries, but that fact should not inhibit the hermeneutics of tradition to be left aside.  Very few companies worldwide provide this sort of personalised services today, and those that do are often extremely pricy - not withstanding that the price is usually in euros or pounds sterling which is not in a favourable conversion rate to the rest of the world - for this reason, we have garnered a close relationship with our suppliers of fabrics, trims, needles and threads to help keep our prices reasonable and comparable to the unadorned  "modern" vestments that are readily available in every catalog out there.   So with Klave Centesca, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of affordability and the assurance that each piece is custom made and every embroidery a work of art.

If you are unsure of whether you or the cleric you want to commission a piece for is entitled to arms, ask us: 

                                          We are happy to answer all inquiries.

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