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Ordering Vestments

Ordering Custom Vestments  from Klave Centesca is easy.

1. Decide which vestments you require, and what general shape or style you prefer.  

If you scroll down, you can see the different shapes of chasuble, dalmatic, copes and pontifical gloves for reference.  

We also make albs, surplices, subdeacon's tunics,maniples, stoles, humeral veils, pontifical dalmatics, bishops' mitres, gremials, vimpas, aumonieres, cushions, prie-dieu covers, church banners, etc.  Just ask.

2. Tell us if it is a standalone piece or if you would like a set.

3. Let us know the liturgical colour, and we will pull some suitable fabrics for you to choose from.

4. If you want any embroidery on the pieces, don't forget to mention what you have in mind too!

Once fabric is convened, we can get started on final sketches for your approval and start on the work.

All throughout, it is a collaborative process, and we welcome your input, suggestions and questions.   We keep you updated along the way so you see our designs materialize bit by bit.  It is quite exciting!

Generally it takes 4 to 6 weeks for vestments to be finished unless we convene on a different date. Shipping in the continental US is covered by us; to the rest of the world, a flat 50 USD fee is charged (we cover the rest of what it may be, as courtesy).

Start the process: contact us now.


Chasuble Shape by Century

k-100 beeing the full gothic chasuble, is very long and has many swagging folds once gathered to reveal hands
k-200 is still gothic, but the sides have been shortened to the wrist; the lenght too is shortened to below the knees
k-300 is once again long in front and back, but the sides reach down to the wrists only
k-400 is the same as the k-300, reaching to the wrists, but the front and back come to a point
k-500 the sides come down only to the elbows now, the lenght is slightly shortened to below the knees
k-600 the lenght is still to below the knees but the sides are shortened to just past the shoulders*
k-700 same as the k-600, but the lenght is reduced to reach the knees*
k-800 while the back remains as in the previous century, the front is shortened and given a "fiddleback shape"*
k-900 the back is longer than the front and both attach at the level of the breast; also known as the "roman style chasuble"* 

*For the k-600, k-700, k-800 & k-900 chasubles, the fabric is stiffened with an interlining so it holds the shape.

Chasuble Shape

Dalmatic Shape by Century

k-100 Dalmatic  with long wide sleeves, reaches down to the ankles; the sides are slit from the height of the hips to the hem.
k-200 Dalmatic  has same characteristics as previous century's one, except the lenght is shortened to mid-calf.
k-300 Dalmatic  is of the same length as before, except the sleeves and body are wider.
k-400 Dalmatic  maintains the same length, but has no side seams (much like a tabard) so the sleeves, front and back are flaps.
k-500 Dalmatic  returns to have tubular sleeves though from the sleeves to the hem the front and back panels flare to a wider hem.
k-600 Dalmatic  is again without seams to close sides or sleeves like a tabard, with an exaggerated taper in the front and back flaps.*
k-700 Dalmatic  is also without seams like a tabard, but looses the taper for a sleeker silhouette, and reaches just to below the knees.*
k-800 Dalmatic  is yet another of the tabard type but shortened to above the knees. The front and back have a rounded indentation. *
k-900 Dalmatic  is the "Roman Style" which has mid-arm closed sleeves and slits from there down to the hem below the knees.*

          *For the k-500, k-600, k-700, k-800 & k-900 dalmatics, the fabric is stiffened with an interlining so it holds the shape.

Dalmatic Shape

I    Cope with vestigial hood permanently attached to the straight edge.
II   Cope with vestigial hood permanently attached to the orphrey's edge.
III  Cope with vestigial hood permanently attached and cutout for neck.
IV  Cope with vestigial hood that is detachable. 


Cope Styles
Pontifical Gloves By Style of Cuff

Pontifical Gloves By The Cuff

A  Pontifical Glove with small french cuff
B  Pontifical Glove equally small french cuff, but with a slant
C  Pontifical Glove with a continuous conical cuff
D  Pontifical Glove with a wider french cuff that features a moderate slant
E  Pontifical Glove with a more dramatic slant 
F  Pontifical Glove  where the large french cuff is rounded


We began Klave Centesca with the idea of bringing back the tradition of having arms embroidered onto vestments and paraments.  For this reason, we scaled the prices so it is accessible and affordable even to a simple priest. Also, frankly, because the tassels on the galeros take as long to embroider as anything else!


The one-time digitization fee of the clerical arms costs 100 USD


for priestly arms            add only $20 for each  embroidery

for bishop's arms          add only $30 for each  embroidery

for archbishop's arms   add only $40 for each  embroidery

for cardinal's arms        add only $50 for each  embroidery
for papal arms               add only $60 for each  embroidery

This includes the arms and the appropriate clerical hat, mitre or tiara.

We can also embroider other emblems you choose, or can design something based on your specifications. There is such a lot of meaning behind each symbol, that embroideries, whether armorial or figural, are always great evangelization tools for the Church.  Here's a small gallery of our process from sketch to final results:


Original Design 

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